Mission Update: Honduras Sunday Funday 2018

October 08, 2018

2018 Honduras Surgical Brigade

On Sunday, 7 October 2018, World Surgical Foundation volunteers arrived at the Fundación Hospital Leonardo Martínez Valenzuela to set up ORs and supply rooms as well as do final screening for approximately 200 patients to schedule them for surgery this week. Since this is our second time visiting the hospital, setup was not difficult with only a few tables needed for the main supply room and cleaning of another room for sutures, gloves, and other surgeons’ needs. A third room of anesthesia supplies was also stocked from the 25 medical bags brought by the Foundation for this surgical brigade.

Once screening was completed, Monday’s schedule was set with 15 general, 5 pediatric, 5 hand, and 5 OB/GYN surgeries for the day with 66 more general, 14 pediatric, 10 hand, and 20 OB/GYN surgeries to be performed during the 6-day brigade. WSF surgeons will be utilizing 6 of 7 ORs in the operating theater allowing us to complete as many surgeries as time allows by Friday. Check back here for more updates as the week progresses.