2005 International Volunteer Award—Dr. Domingo T. Alvear

December 11, 2005

Domingo T. Alvear, MD, FACS, founder of World Surgical Foundation (WSF), is the 2005 recipient of the ACS Surgical Volunteerism Award, sponsored by Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative. Dr. Alvear conducted his first surgical volunteer trip to his native country of the Philippines as a medical student in 1963, and has passionately continued the practice for the past 39 years. In 1977, he founded WSF. WSF’s surgical teams have improved the quality of life for thousands of patients by performing a wide range of surgical procedures, including thyroidectomies, hernia repairs, cleft palette repairs, and hysterectomies. During his many international medical trips, he is known as a teacher who takes time to work with local physicians in sharing ideas and teaching new concepts and techniques. Back in the states, he serves as an enthusiastic advocate for surgical volunteerism. WSF also renders another important contribution to the surgical patients in impoverished nations: the foundation works to collect usable medical supplies and equipment and to raise funds to ship the medical and surgical supplies overseas.